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I am appalled at the incompetence of some members of the Republican Government of America. Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska was under surveillance, investigated and indicted over several years, while the Republican Party held a majority in both houses and control of the White House. Why wasn't this investigation squashed? While managing to hire only loyal party members in non-partisan civil service positions, enact any policy desired regardless of constitutionality through signing statements, funnel billions of dollars in contracts to cronies without the hassle of open bidding, maintain secret surveillance over any perceived enemy in this country and around the world, de-regulate every impediment to the enrichment of Republican campaign contributors, and stonewall Congressional and judicial investigations with blanket national security immunity to anyone indicted, the Republican Party should have held total control over all aspects of this government, indefinitely. This careless mistake could allow public speculation about our political methods. I hope whoever is responsible for this oversight is sent immediately to our gulag at Guantánamo Bay. We got a sweet deal going here boys, don’t blow it.