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Pelosi is a charter member of the "see no evil" right wing of the Democratic Party. Pelosi places the maintenance of her power above defending our Constitution and the rule of law.

It is time for the House Democrats to get a spine and throw Rove and all the others in the jail cell under the Capitol if they don't show up for hearings. Most importantly, the House Democrats need to start impeachment hearings as soon as they come back from their month-long summer recess

On a Friday recently the House Judiciary Committee held a six-hour preliminary impeachment hearing. CSPAN still has the video available if you are interested. Be aware that the House Democrats did not allow thispreliminary impeachment hearing out of the goodness of their hearts. There is only one dynamic that recently changed: Even Democratic voters are now threatening to un-elect incumbent House Democrats. The Democrats are afraid of massive voter retribution in the November election. They are afraid of losing their jobs, their power, and the perks that go with it.

Did the media note that this preliminary hearing, scheduled for two hours, ran over six hours and that two overflow rooms were packed, that hundreds were left outside in the halls, and that the testimony was mostly for impeachment? This is getting serious.

The voters have recently and loudly told the House Democrats that we are sick and tired of their stonewalling on holding Bush and Cheney accountable. The refusal of the House Democrats to stop the Iraq War and impeach is unforgiveable.

In Colorado, we Democrats, Independents, Republicans and others are currently doing negative campaigning against all incumbent House/Senate candidates who have refused to support and even discuss impeachment. If the House Democrats do not immediately announce the date of the first full impeachment hearing scheduled prior to the election, we will greatly increase our negative campaigning.

The race for the promotion of incumbent Colorado Representative Udall to the US Senate is a statistical dead heat. Udall refuses to discuss or support impeachment. We can affect the outcome of this race and push Udall to back impeachment or stop him from winning election to the Senate.

Democratic Congressmen have our support only if they hold serious full impeachment hearings before the election. If they fail to do that, and we will campaign against them. It is time for a change in the behavior of Congress. Voters who want accountability via impeachment should follow our example.

You all need to call Congress every day (800-828-0498) and demand that impeachment hearings start before the election.