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Pelosi as Speaker has proven that when given the chance and the power, women can be just as duplicitous, mean-spirited and blood-thirsty as their male counterparts.

Before the 2006 election, Pelosi told the American public to give Dems the majority in the House and we'll end the war and bring impeachment articles against the Bush/Cheney junta.

Less than twenty-four hours after voters gave Pelosi her wish, she immediately pulled the plug on the impeachment hearings. She has voted to fund the illegal an immoral Iraq war and has given Bush the green light to start another war in the ME, against Iran.

Pelosi is now going around the country, singing that same song from 2006 about voting for the Dems.

Sorry, Nancy.

But you do get my vote to send you and your buddy, GW, to war crimes trials, and I also vote that you spend the rest of your sorry life in prison for being a traitor.

BTW, Nancy dear, there's no Botox available in the slammer.