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Unfortunately for America, Nancy Pelosi--like those in Congress who do support impeachment--totally misses the point about it. When asked about impeachment, why on earth does she talk about Iraq? Why on earth talk about unity and the chances of the Democratic Party? These are not what impeachment is about.

Impeachment is not about Iraq, it's about America. Specifically, it's about the Constitution. Iraq is a divisive issue, and as long as impeachment is linked to it impeachment will go nowhere. The Constitution is something we can all rally around. Except for our intellectually and ethically challenged Congressional leaders, who appear to have forgotten about it.

And since when did Nancy Pelosi swear an oath to pursue "unity" or further the short-term partisan advantages of her party?

Are these causes really more important to her than the Constitution?

Did you swear an oath, Nancy Pelosi? Were those words empty?

I challenge you, publicly, to explain how your opposition to impeachment fulfills your oath of office.