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While I'm a Doctorow fan, I suggest that this piece is seriously flawed. We are inundated with fake data, questionable "studies" and outright fraudulent assertions from all the usual suspects. Just to confine myself to the Global Warming scenario, consider this: how can any study for worldwide warming use data from 1908, a time when even thermometers were primitive? Are we supposed to believe that anybody had any money to study anything during the Great Depression? Did the Nazis and Japanese keep temperature data from around the world during WWII? When in the hell did counting penguins become something everyone did? It seems to me that all data collection serves only the political view of the gatherer and not cold hard facts, keeping in mind that leaving some data out is also fraud. It seems to me that no matter who we are or what point of view we hold, all of us are subject to deliberately manipulated "facts." Another way of saying that I believe nothing of what I read. And to compare global warming with the Holocaust in any context is in itself manipulative, if one is so dense as to be affected by such a juxtaposition.