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This is what I've been saying to several people without exactly putting my finger on it. My take was that Mr. Russert lacked the will or preparation to follow the follow-up. I'm not a professional; I am a political junkie glued to C-SPAN and the news, and my Sunday mornings never ended, with reruns going on in the afternoon if I got distracted or turned the channel at a commercial break. I am not able to pull specific interviews off the top of my head (without Google), but that lack never went unnoticed. I remember these interviews vividly and remember all the times I was watching dumbfounded after the lies came out without ever being questioned.

The irony of all the memorializing is watching the second-rate guys like Matthews interview Mr. Russert's friends like Al Hunt or whomever and hear that his strength, other than his "authenticity," was that he listened. Not quite, but a lot of people seemed to think that he did. Nobody does and the so-called journalists are failing us miserably, for the most part.

Glad to see a large reality check over here.

I would have liked to see David Gregory get the slot.