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Media have jumped on the Russert Canonization, and Cockburn asks why?

It is because Russert was the best journalist on television, because he was honest; and he was loved by Americans, a feeling the petty media will never know.

Russert showed his weaknesses and his strengths, and his consistency earned him mass public trust.

The rest of the media pack are just that--a pack. They can't stand in Russert's shadow. But, oh, how they try, hoping some of the admiration and love will rub off on them. How pathetic.

Media rank lower in public approval than Bush, and for the same reasons--lies, lies, lies, all pushing doctrine instead of truth, all seeking self and glory and contracts instead of truth and humility.

The media is what has brought the media down, not the Internet.

Of course a group of lying fakes, all enamored with their own reflections in mirrors, tries to connect in public to Russert--not for admiration, but for their own vanity.