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Thank you for this very informative article.

As an outside observer of the American political process, it has been a continuous mystery to me why some candidates are pilloried for actions and statements on which others are given a free pass.

I well remember John Kerry’s Vietnam war record being trashed and his being labeled a coward and a war criminal by people who never once served in uniform. Yet Bill Clinton was equally excoriated for failing to serve in uniform during the Vietnam war--often by the same people.

To non-American witnesses, it sometime seemed as if the entire US MSM suffered from a form of schizophrenia or moral relativism. Obama is charged with “flip-flopping” on the issues, while John McCain’s serial flip-flopping is ignored or “clarified.” McCain’s army of lobbyists in his campaign staff are overlooked, while Obama has to deal with unending criticism over the past history of one vetter. McCain can refuse to disclose his service records, medical records and family tax records while still being called open and transparent.

This article explains goes a long way towards explaining this relativism. Hopefully, the US MSM will recognize their uncritical adulation of one candidate over another serves no one’s best interest. The stakes in this election are too high and the potential cost too great to allow any candidate a free ride or to gamble that their “real” beliefs are somehow just hiding out until the election is over.