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Right on Tom, I cannot tolerate watching or hearing either Clnton. And Kiki McLean is an annoying, daily talking points, Kool-Aid-drinking Clinton butt-kisser. Lanny Davis is nothing more than a Clinton apologist, and another one that says nothing, but repeats the daily talking points. Anyone ever notice that these so-called strategists/loyalists have all been thru Dem. Speak 101? Talk fast, loud, over everyone else, and never, never answer a direct question.

Hillary better be careful of what she wishes for, because if she is the nominee, there will more dirt coming out that she never thought would. I'll bet there are more skeletons in the Clinton closets that haven't been rattled yet. And if Barack Obama was so "friendly" with Bill Ayers, as those on FOX and notably Sean Hannity claim, why would Obama even run? Obama is not stupid. The Clintons are making race and issue and it will catch up to them, ffrom blacks and whites, in votes.