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I was born in the "Summer of Love." I was born into a "swing voter" family, but for some reason I was also born, a devoted progressive liberal Democrat. I could never, ever vote Republican. That being said, I have observed Republicans and their strategies very closely through all the elections we have lost, and I have also learned the psychology of swing voters.

Hillary was just being the messenger: the issues she brought up at the debate are about electability: they are issues Republicans will use at full force throughout the general election if Barack is the nominee. We cannot afford to be naïve optimistic fools and underestimate these issues--that is why we lose too often.

They are powerful issues for many swing voters. Like it or not, the things that Reverend Wright said and the things that Bill Ayers did are extreme, to say the least. Hillary was not "attacking" Reverend Wright, but she is a senator from the State of New York. Does anyone remember what 9/11 really did to the people of New York? Even I find Reverend Wright's comments crossed a line that deep inside, I feel there's really no excuse for--I don't excuse--violence, on any side, unless it's literally for self-defense.

Hillary is just the messenger. Stop blaming Hillary. Those of you who blame Hillary are not being realistic about the psychology of the country. Wake up and smell reality.

This is an electability issue. I have heard all sorts of liberal rationalizations, schemes, and dreams, but there is no way Barack could win in the general against McCain, with hardly any proven national experience, and Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers in his closet. Especially after Republicans get through with him. This is a country where last time a majority elected Bush. For many swing voters, there are just too many unknowns about Barack, and too many of the knowns have extreme edges.

Hillary deserves much more respect. She would never be treated the way she's treated if she were a man. Barack's campaign have truly been the ones who have tried to tear her down and destroy her. Most of the negativity and divisiveness of this race has actually come from Barack's campaign. From the start, they said things like, "She'll say anything and change nothing." That is just not true. Or Barack's comments about her "twisting the knife"--to me, those are sick comments. And she would never say them about him.

The truth is that the Clinton's don't demonize their opponents, but their opponents always demonize them. This was true first of the Republicans, and now of Obama's campaign. Obama's campaign framed itself in positivity, but it has been in full negative spin-attack all along. They have not been angels--far from it. They have not "walked their talk" at all. I started out neutral, but I have since lost most of my respect for them.

Because of the socioeconomic success of her Bill's Administration (which she witnessed and was part of), Hillary is more of a proven entity to the people. She is more of a centrist on defense, and this makes her more electable than McCain or Barack. So, to most Americans, she's smarter on the economy, and will be smarter on defense. That's why she has the best chances for being elected against McCain. If Barack is our nominee, McCain will be our President.

It's time to spend more time thinking objectively, and less time bashing the Clintons, when they truly don't deserve it.