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I am shocked at how terrible your coverage been. In this election, the US media fumbled the ball big-time: first they let Obama have a free ride for more than half the election, when Hillary got tired of the media not doing their job and called Obama out in a direct ("it's 3 am...") ad, someone finally took a cab to downtown Chicago, visited the Obama church and bought the DVDs of the reverent. Result is what we see today: a totally unelectable young man with too many delegates and a press core desperately trying to blame Clinton for having the audacity to run.

Clinton did not bring up Reverend Wright, and more importantly he has not gone into hiding to help her win. He vanished from the face of the earth to help Obama. Well, guess what: he is not proving anything other than the fact that they are close, the reverend and the wouldbe President.

Thank you for the Clinton background so often missed in this campaign. Her history help explain the Clinton success: Hillary Clinton is truly the black candidate, and more people are seeing Obama for what he is: a construction from senior Dems to stop Clinton from winning. The formula is simple: take a black eloquent young man to steal her base and copy all her policies.

To bad Obama, with only four years' experience, has already accumulated a nice financial scandale (Rezo), a character flaw or two (Wright, drugs) and a bundled statement ("bitter"). Clinton didn't do that, Obama did it to himself.

Hillary is not an anomaly! It's not all those white people who are the problem, Obama is.