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Ms. Pollitt, have you ever studied Sharia? Do you know what sort of rights women have? Then have you compared that with the rights women have in the West? I find it quite amusing that you base your views about Islam from others' experiences--homeschooling articles and Sharia-proliferation rhetoric--and you bring nothing about your personal experience with regards to Sharia and women.

Wherever Sharia is practiced, Muslim women are highly respected. Yes, some countries treat women inhumane and that has nothing to do with Sharia, but a lot to do with those law-makers’ incompetence. Law is always the same, it's the people that change it or interpret it to fit their own needs, however extreme that may be. But so what? If you're living in the states and you condemn any sort of violence against any group, go stand up against what's happening in Guantánamo, take care of the gap between the poor and the rich, make sure that blacks and other minorities are treated as equally as anyone else. There're lots of injustices going on around the world, and to cherry-pick the ones related to Islam and Muslims--who are suffering more and more due to the pseudo images of their religion painted in the media by people such as yourself--is misplaced.

Believe me, Muslims will be (and are) the first ones to stand up against any sort of violence in the name of their religion. If you’ve failed to notice, they’ve already done so--just open your eyes and ears a little wider.