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Mrs. Clinton has a hearing defect. When Mr. Obama says something, she thinks he said something else and she attacks that.

While she makes no points attacking Mr. Obama, she does reveal herself to all of us. We are learning what kind of person she is.

Now comes this latest debate, and we learn nothing that helps us decide who to vote for for President, but perhaps a lot about some of the journalists that would influence us.

Rather than asking Mr. Obama to defend himself against false charges, why don't they quiz Clinton about making them in the first place or perhaps, heaven forbid, explain why they are abetting falsehoods by not asking?

If I were falsely charged with murder and everyone knows it, I'll still have to defend myself, but that is no reason for the "News" to ignore that the charge is false to start with.

ABC sponsors journalists that ignore the obvious. Surely a big business like this wouldn't hire fools to represent them. So what was the purpose of this debate and the questions asked?

CNN, MSN and Fox do the same thing. Don't expect ABC to change. They know what they are doing.