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Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos stooped to the level of the politics of the last thirty years, basically insulting the American public’s intelligence and ignoring the degree of anger at the politics of the past. The majority of Americans are tired of this National Enquirer journalism perpetuated by the PR machines of Reagan, Atwater, Bush Sr., Carville, Clinton, Rove, W. and Hillary. The issue mainstream media and the political parties have refused to grasp this election is that Americans are, to paraphrase Howard Beale from Network, "mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!" Thus the appeal of Barack Obama is his focus on changing the politics of the past, his leadership into a new era away from political pettiness so real issues can be solved and America’s disgust with the lies and dumbing down of the political system and mainstream media.

ABC’s blatant IQ-siphoning first hour of questioning was worthy of the best fiction produced by W.’s pre-war speeches, Cheney’s post-war ignorance or right-wing radio’s embellishment of any facts. Wait...! One of Stephanopoulos’s questions was provided by the hackneyed high school graduate and racist extraordinaire Sean Hannity. Moreover, the question was in turn furnished to candidate Clinton. For this reason alone, George Stephanopoulos should be fired by ABC and run out of journalism forever. If ABC has any ethics at all, they will can this charlatan now. Howard K. Smith, David Brinkley and Harry Reasoner must be turning over in their graves. Then again, all mainstream media sold its soul many years ago.

However, America still has a chance. We do not have to meet Satan at the crossroads. In the Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana primaries and then in November America can prove we do not approve of dumbed-down politics, ignorant media and the politics of the past. This very well could be our last, best hope.