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I write to draw your attention to the concerted effort by the mainstream media to coronate Mr. McCain even before the first is cast.

Since McCain won the Republican nomination the media led by CNN have come out with direct attacks on Mr Obama, who in their view is the only Democratic candidate to give McCain a real contest.It seems to me that they are fascinated by the so-called maverick McCain, but any objective observer will notice that the McCain of 2008 is not the same person who ran in 2000. Witness his flip-flop on taxes and immigration and his pandering to those he once described as agents of intolerance.They want to foist him on us the same way they did with Bush. First they had to demonize Al Gore and make him unacceptable by the voters and then sold us Bush as one we can have beer with. We all have seen where that led us.

Now if you take a look at the CNN programming these days one will think they out to outfox Faux news channel.

Started by Wolf Blitzer and aimed at demonizing Obama in order to clear the way for McCain, the idea is to make Obama look so bad that he has to spent precious time defending himself.Check out these other programs: Glenn Beck and his unopposed tirades every night; Lou Dobbs's relentless attack on Obama,colored with a dose of racism; Anderson Cooper...

CNN does not have any opposing program that presents alternative views except by bringing in a few Democrats who are almost apologetic to thier right-wing coumterpart. So it behooves progressive media such as The Nation and others to shout now about the one-sided coverage before we repeat the 2000 election mistake.