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Given the driving concerns of a media controlled by multinational corporations I sincerely doubt that any debate that would inform the public about the serious divisions between party candidates could take place. Having said that, I would give all I have to see a series of debates that delve into the philosophical differences of each party's views of what a governments' primary role is in a democratic republic. Is the life of a people business or is the business of life people ? Is it ethical or appropriate for those in the legal profession to strive to find ways around laws they find constraining for those that employ them ? Do industries and companies that are and were created in a country whose people give their lives to create and maintain it have any obligation to those people and country? These are the sorts of questions I would like to be debated by the party candidates for President of a democracy. Oh, and was it appropriate or even constitutional for the Supreme Court to de facto select a President? Given that it was a congress of the seperate states that created the Constitution, presidency and the Supreme Court, does that not make our Congress the ulimate arbitor of/for the nation and its citizens rights ? Thank you for this opportunity, ye of the The Nation, keep up the good work. A bluedog, Boston Democrat,