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I find it truly remarkable that you said nothing about the inept way that all of the debates have been run. Not only by ABC, but by CNN, and in particular NBC/MSNBC--towards Hillary Cliton as far back as last summer's debates. I will not copy and paste transcripts from some of those awful debates--they are all out in the archives and you can access them quite easily should you feel inclined. Many of us have been outraged about this total lack of competent journalism going on for quite some time, yet you (The Nation) said nothing and turned a blind eye. This is exactly why I canceled my subscription to your publication.

Sorry, but I find your outrage is too little too late. Obama has coasted through this campaign because of the pandering from you and most of the media. Actually, ABC was much better with this debate than the others because they didn't spend another hour after the debates with all the talking heads droning on and on, parsing words and spouting their useless and boring opinions.