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Where to begin with this one? First of all, ABC was giving us what we have come to expect and tolerate from the news media; vacuous topics, internet inspired gossip and questions perfectly crafted for the youtube soundbite generation. When the bar is this low, and all they are after is ratings, what better than a innuendo-laced bashing of the "golden boy"? Gibson and Stephanopoulos are not journalists, they are personalities on a endless screen test for entertainment tonight. George even had to take notes from Sean Hannity to feel relevant. Doesn't he make enough money to come up with his own questions? And what was he doing moderating a debate with the history of being a Clinton communications director? Gibson was so out of touch he was worried more about his stock portfolio than middle America. Capital gains? Really Charlie? The bifocals on the end of your nose was a nice touch. They can spare me the BS about preparing Obama for the big show. It isn't ABC's job to try to "man up"a candidate for their "own good," especially with fifty-three minutes of nonsense during a two-hour debate with forty minutes of commercials! Fifty-three minutes to get to the economy and Iraq? I don't know what is more insulting, that ABC felt this is what Pennsylvanians and the country cared about, or the unapologetic way in which they lapped up the spotlight when they were confronted. They certainly got a lot of attention for it didn't they? Hillary could hardly contain her satisfaction, practically licking her chops with every twist of the knife. It almost seemed like she knew what was coming. She had all of her Rovian talking points ready to go. Maybe George gave her the heads up. This one was bad folks, really bad. If we don't stand up for what is right, your candidate will be next.