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I have supported The Nation with contributions in the past but I have asked them to remove me from their e-mail alerts. I no longer find this site a fair and balanced discussion of the issues. A candidate's character is important in the voting decision. When a candidate surrounds himself with people of questionable background the media has a responsibility to question those relationship. The Senate has the right to vet cabinet-level appointments but has no authority on a President's "kitchen cabinet"; it is therefore the responsibility of the media. It is the people a leader surrounds himself with who have his ear and are at times the biggest influence on his decisions. If these people were lobbyists, the editors of The Nation would be in a uproar because of undue influence; by that same token, a person with a radical opinion can be said to have an undue influence. This is a very hypocritical position the editors have taken and I don't want to participate in it. In its zeal to support Obama, The Nation has thrown out all journalistic integrity.