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Unfortunately, the journalists’ open letter to ABC although well-intended is completely off the target. No one has to react to obvious stupidity. The obvious stupidity is self-destructive. Far worse is a gray-area stupidity that keeps the nation on the wrong course for decades but no media outlet, no journalist and no professional organization steps up to correct it.

The most urgent duty of the American journalists is to investigate why the two best-qualified candidates, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, couldn’t get more than a few percent of the primary votes.

Without leaders capable of solving the problems it is impossible to solve them. Let me remind you that all of them--Obama, Clinton and McCain--failed to be efficient uniters or dealmakers capable of accomplishing anything worthy while serving in the US Senate. Those candidates have always been at or very close to the steering wheel of their respective parties.

Contrary to them, both Kucinich and Paul were on the right side of history but always pushed far away from the executive party positions. It means that either of them would be able to accomplish something if given executive or legislative power.

Smart or stupid questions by ABC moderators cannot provide the candidates with the depth, strength, intelligence or integrity they lack. All three of the frontrunners have already exposed the fatal flaws that would prevent them breaking loose from the centripetal force that pulls us down to the bottom of a whirlpool. The problem is that our journalists have failed to recognize those deficiencies and present them clearly to the American public.