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The abomination that ABC passed off as a debate hopefully will be the beginning of the end of this type of "gotcha" politics that have dominated the US political scene for the past decade. As a start we should stop glorifying the multitude of politcal consultants and spokespersons like Rove, Carville, Matalin, FOX news etc. who see the world through one point of view and the media as their personal playground to advance whomever they have signed on to shill for.

Is it possible with all that is happening in the world that TV journalists can't think of an original question that might illuminate the differences between the candidates and actually require that they think on their feet. That can't happen when every question comes from last week's blogosphere.

Why weren't questions like the following asked?

1. How do you see our economic relationship with China and India changing over the next few years?

2. Isn't the country better off today following the years of civil rights actions and do you think conservatives or liberals played a more useful role in getting where we are today?

3. We have seen clips of Rev. Wright saying "Goddamn America." Can you tell me what he was talking about when he said this? Do you know of any events over our nation's history where such a remark might occur to you, although you might use less incendiary language?

4. Many Americans do not have an American flag flying at their homes nor do they wear flag pins on a daily basis. What do you think this tells us about their patriotism?

5. In the event of International tensions such as Darfur, WMD, North Korea, do you have a preference for working through the UN or NATO or via bilateral or multilateral initiatives? Explain which crises lend themselves best to which approach.

6. The Vietnam war ended years ago and we now have peaceful relations with that country. If that was a defeat, as some say, would you accept a similar end to the conflict in Iraq if you knew the outcome would be similar?

7. What do you think Jesus would say about the religious right in America?

8. If you learned that a terrorist act had just occurred in America would you continue to read a book to children?

9. How much do you think the US should spend on the Iraq embassy compound and how much would you spend on improving schools in the inner cities?

10. Are US soldiers in Iraq primarily involved in fighting a war against terrorism, mediating an internal ethnic conflict, or trying to justify a huge mistake made by Bush?

11. If we held a referendum in Iraq on how and when the US should leave, would you abide by that decision?