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The article contains a number of references to the education credentials of conservatives, as though this shows some kind of hypocrisy. The terms "academics" and "education elite" are not about those who went to school and got a degree. They are about those who run the schools and the education system. The "Ivory Tower" doesn't refer to students, or those who graduate and go out into the real world

It seems to be implied in the article that the words "intellectual elite" reflect a contempt for intelligence. It doesn't, or people like W.F. Buckley and other brilliant conservatives would not be as admired as they are. "Intellectual elite" has an exact meaning: it's someone who thinks their intelligence or education makes them inherently better than everyone else, and therefore qualified to tell them how to live.

It is true that both liberal and conservative movers and shakers are often wealthy, living in gated communities, going to private schools and belonging to the best clubs. But only the liberal ones talk about taking control of the lives of the "little people" for their own good, since if they were left to their own devices they would obviously make the wrong choices. That's elitism--not where you went to school or where you live.

I don't worry about Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich telling me what light bulbs I'm allowed to buy, where I should be getting my medical care, what car I should drive or whether I'm qualified to educate my own kids.

Laura Ingraham had this list: "They think we're stupid. They think our patriotism is stupid. They think our churchgoing is stupid. They think our flag-flying is stupid. They think having big families is stupid. They think where we live--anywhere but near or in a few major cities--is stupid. They think our SUVs are stupid. They think owning a gun is stupid. They think our abiding belief in the goodness of America and its founding principles is stupid."

This is not put in a sophisticated way, but it's still true. This attitude is reflected in liberal actions and words almost every day. It oozes out of your own publication from every seam. There are examples in your own article.