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Well, it's the pot calling the kettle black I'm afraid. There is a liberal elite and the conservatives have their elite. And both are invested in the same hierarchy.

The liberal elite comes from those very same schools, live the very same lifestyle, though more casually and defend the very same institutions as the conservative elite. One only has to look at the maps for political donations around New York and California to see the red and the blue dots of political investment.

The conservative elite has mastered the narrative and the art of labeling, the liberal elite has not. The conservative elite has to do little save ridicule, slander and corporate pandering with free market mantras whereas actually getting anything done requires some ones ox be gored.

One need only look at Wall Street to see liberal elitism in the form of Robert Rubin. In fact Wall Street is now giving more to Democrats than Republicans.

You see the liberal elite think that our current system can be reformed with regulation and handouts. They fail to realize that radical reform is needed in all our most important institutions. They gasp when one of their own advocates for scrapping the WTO or invokes the word 'tariff'.

A new agenda for real liberalism is to reorganize our financial system around a Public Central Bank. They fail to follow through on real political reform like publicly financed campaigns. There is no stomach to cut the military budget in half. Calls for tax reform are half hearted and ill conceived. In short the liberal elites have been pummeled by their counterparts the conservative elites who have through thick and thin stuck to their guns about where they wanted to take the country by wrapping their narrative with slogans and labels that comfort the deceived while labeling liberals as the villlains.

The liberal elite has no leadership, no commitment other than to the very institutions that support the powers that be. In short, they are gutless wonders nuancing issues and ideas that are part and parcel of the narrative of the current plutocracy. Until liberals call for real reform and offer real leadership with a convincing narrative the story remains the same.