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Healthcare for everyone, paid for by taxes, will not happen anytime soon. It sounds like a good idea until the cost is discussed. The current system or non-system is perhaps even worse except for its cost, postponed and hidden rather than up front. In fact, the only solution to the healthcare problem is to let the sick and indigent die on their own, without any taxpayer help. This sounds cruel, but actually it is in the interest of the vast majority of Americans. Those with serious illnesses cannot economically be helped. They would do themselves and everyone else a favor by dying as quickly as possible.

The notion that everyone can be made happy in this life and then offered a happy death is utopian. Utopian thought is dangerous and unrealistic. Pray for the sick if you must, but don't pay to prolong their lives.

The living must go on living, the near dead must die. Nature is red in tooth and claw, as Tennyson lamented over one hundred years ago.