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Am I missing something here? Is Kathryn Joyce European? Does she live here? Has she lived in Europe for a meaningful length of time--say, five years or so? Has she witnessed first-hand the changes in Europe over the past twenty-five years?

If not, why on earth listen to anything she has to say?Isn't there an editor at The Nation? You know, one who smokes too many cheap cigarettes, drinks too much bourbon, and is cynically jaundiced about life? Didn't he sit her down and say, "Kate, my girl. You sound as self-righteous as Nurse Ratched and as paternalistic as all those you fulminate against. Have you ever thought of settling down and having a few kids yourself? It might do you good."

If, as I fear, such an editor does not exist at The Nation, I am sure that someone like Mark Steyn could help you out. Anyway, that's just one cynical European's point of view.