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I am a secular humanist because I have no choice; I belong to the group of the undesired. I am an immigrant child that challenges this so-called native essence.

If anything is a comeuppance or deserved penalty, it is that those who have emigrated to Europe from unwanted lands have done so because they have never been allowed to really undergo their own development. All because Europe has colonized them or US-America has never allowed governments who would oppose its interests.

Another sad part is that even the citizens of these so-called rich countries have been exploited and not given a part in the exploits of colonialism and neocolonialism. Otherwise, why would have so many given up their right to have large families? Come on, we know many relinquish this right because they know they cannot provide adequately. It is as if the citizens of rich countries have enough of ideas and democracy but proportionately little from its country’s wealth.

Apparently, the master race idea has not gone away. Too late! There are going to be more Obamas and the like. Look at Latin America and northern Africa. So many look like him.

Isn´t everything related? However, I must say I am proud of so many Americans (including African-Americans) who choose to see in Obama his character and not his race. The world is browner and darker and lately more gray than ever.

If the Christian conservative right wants to change that, they will have to reallocate wealth. Maybe they should start by making sure that the purged wealth returns to society, taxes are really paid or some form of compensation is offer to the victims.

Lastly, I am very happy to hear that Catholics have finally been accepted as full-blown Western-Europeans. It took a while. Jesuits should be next, or perhaps muslims. You know they have been in Europe for more than fifteen centuries.