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I have become accustomed to quality analysis from Mr. Dreyfuss and have never been disappointed. No pressure from me! Shooting from the lip, as well as the hip , are well known characteristics of Senator McCain. But, I sometimes wonder if he is as stupid as he sounds. As an outsider, he didn't do too well in the primaries against President Bush, and he has since come in from the cold by fully supporting the President and the neoconservative agenda. However, I find it difficult to believe that even a throttle jockey whose military experience was limited to flying off a carrier would be dumb enough to confront the whole Middle East, Russia and China with a privatized military, an outsourced industrial base and tax cuts for the rich. The neoconservatives have money behind them, and the industrial side of the military/industrial complex. The missile defense system is worthless, but it is corporate welfare for defense contractors. They have a lot of money to support campaigns. However, since American business interests have outsourced their production to China for cheap labor, a war with China would not be profitable for them. I don't think he would get such policies past even a DLC lead Congress or some Republicans. These policies would cut into the profits of the Multinationals and big business in general. It doesn't help a "free trade " agenda.