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While Ms. Joyce does a fine job of documenting the unsettling nature of the “profamily” movement, she deftly avoids addressing the underlying trends and concerns that help to fuel it.

European birthrates have been declining for decades while immigration rates have been rising. A large majority of that immigration comes from societies that are outside the liberal Western tradition. Wherever you wish to place the blame, the expanding immigrant population of Europe has been slow to assimilate the core values and societal foundations that we take for granted in the West.

The proponents of the “profamily” movement, in their racial and religious zealotry, miss the point entirely. It matters not whether the child has brown eyes or blue. But it is critical that the child is taught the fundamental concepts of tolerance, equality and consensual government.

While Ms. Joyce raises the alarm to the foibles and prejudices of Western religious conservatives, she might do well to consider that a France governed by imams or a Britain under Sharia law would be even less to her liking.