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Mr. Cobble has written the piece on Dennis Kucinich that The Nation should have written months ago when it might have counted. Now that Kucinich has withdrawn from the race, it is "safe" to write what many of us out here have known all along. The "snark and abuse" Mr. Cobble refers to appeared not just in the MSM but in Progressive Media (PM) as well. For all their enlightened progressive critiques, none, and that includes The Nation, had the honesty, the courage or the foresight to endorse him when such an endorsement might have made some difference.

Mr. Cobble refers to money from "corporate interests" behind one of Kucinich's opponents in his re-election battle, but fails to point out that his own party's big-cheese national apparatus is apparently not helping him. The corporate interests the author refers to are the same ones that still by and large control the Democratic Party, especially the DLC wing. The party bigwigs, including the current crop of candidates, would breathe a sigh of relief if he lost his seat, for they would no longer be faced with continual reminders of how badly they have betrayed the only progressive agenda that truly addressed the needs of the people for healthcare, job restoration, for a Middle East solution etc., etc. If he is not there, do you honestly think we will hear any more about single-payer health care, or getting out of NAFTA, WTO, let alone adjusting our ME policy, all of which Big Money strongly opposes? And with him out of the race, what happened to the move for impeachment?

When he had no money to buy big media (check out opensecrets.org to see which Dems the big corp. money is going to), when they kept him from the debates, when his own bloody party failed to defend his rights, the only open forum he had left was the PM, and it failed him miserably.

This article appears almost in the form of a eulogy, much as you would give a dear departed friend whose demise you did nothing to prevent and in fact actually abetted, for although it tells us we should treat him with "a bit more respect," it never suggests that we all have a stake in his re-election, let alone telling us how to support him.

What will be interesting to see is how the PM will react should a truly progressive or independent candidate join the fray, but I think we already know the answer to that, now, don't we?