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This article reminds me of the one Joyce wrote about the Quiverfull movement and how Christian fanatics and Christian women must dedicate their wombs to Jesus and produce so many babies that it can become a detriment to their health. I mean, eighteen babies is a whole decade spent being pregnant! I personally think a lot of these women are being brainwashed, I mean religion will do that to people. I read an article in Bitch magazine about women who escaped from their husbands and the whole baby repopulating scheme, and they all say that they were manipulated, mistreated and basically used for their wombs. I hope, for the people of Europe, that this trend does not spread over there, because it is certainly backwards and dangerous. It is inherently racist, and yeah, you can say "what's wrong with making babies?" but when you are using women and brainwashing them, and mistreating both the mother and children, that this becomes a problem society needs to worry about. (I read how one husband would just pocket the welfare checks from his kids and wife and force them to live in a trailer and eat very little food, while he lived in a modern house, bought himself a nice car and ate only the best food.) There's a difference between "Oh, honey, let's have a few kids, we love children and love each other and want to care for a family" versus "Hey, woman, you're gonna have my eighteen kids because we have a command from Jesus that we need to populate the earth with white people, so our kids can be God's warriors and purge all those sinful brown people from the earth so the kingdom of god may come" (or whatever).