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Mr. Hayden's article is right on and to the point. I believe, however, that he omits a related point, which is that the candidates are trying to win the nomination. Hillary is also looking ahead to the general election.

A lot of anti-war people take issue with Hillary because they feel she will continue the war. Perhaps Hayden should have a heart-to-heart talk with her. I believe she will begin the withdrawal, which will not jeopardize American lives.

Don't be too harsh on her because she is trying to not be labeled as liberal. She is succeedeing so far, and Obama has now got the label of liberal.

Final thought, Obama says he will unite the country. President Bush says this too, but so far Obama has managed to divide the Democratic Party, stir up the racial question, stir up the generation gap and the gender gap. That's a very good start for uniting the country, don't you think?