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Who said that the Democrats are not full of… teamwork.

Somewhere between Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton realized that she is for "change" and denounced the training and experience she gained in the current corrupted political system in Washington. Simply said, she adopted Obama’s mantra. On his part, Mr. Barack brings to the table one America, hopeful, positive and united, the same way Mr. Edwards tried to win his party nomination four years ago. In the meantime, Edwards moved to embrace a strong opposition to the Iraq War, globalization and a corporate greed.

That is the way Mr. Kucinich voted in the US Congress many years ago. The question is how Kucinich was rewarded for his powerful vision, excellent analytical abilities and the personal courage to tell the truth when everybody else felt it wasn’t politically opportune to say it. He got almost 1 percent of the votes in New Hampshire.

We should blame our educational system for any wrong choice we make. We have to understand there is a two-pronged educational infrastructure in the modern world--the classic school system and the omnipresent media outlets that have encroached upon our most private corners like our living rooms, family rooms or bedrooms. While our schools are more or less correct, our media outlets are extremely political. It means our journalists and editors are to blame for the catastrophic situation.

Just think about the Des Moines Register's decision to exclude Congressmen Kucinich from a debate in Iowa. The reason is that Mr. Kucinich couldn’t have afforded to rent some campaign office and hire two locals to staff it.

It means the US media position is that if you don’t have money, you are not qualified to run for the White House, regardless of the perfect voting record and wisdom Mr. Kucinich displayed while performing his Congressional duties.

No media had a problem with this kind of awkward encroachment upon our civil liberties. It is a modern-day equivalent to an ancient clause that the people were not qualified to vote unless they had a property registered to their name. After the Des Moines Register first crossed the red line, ABC was more than happy to exclude Mr. Kucinich from a televised New Hampshire debate.

The important thing is that it is absolutely irrelevant whether Kucinich could be elected or not. The crucial part is whether the principles he promotes would be present at the table when the strategic decisions are being made. It is obvious from what I said at the beginning that if somebody else clears a path through the minefields, the mainstream politicians are willing to follow after the danger has gone. Without Mr. Kucinich at the table, there is nobody else to discuss some fundamental principles like what a reason is that the pre-emptive Iraqi War runs longer than WWII. (The problem with a pre-emptive war is that the need for pre-emption never ends.)