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Hey, All You Libs! Maybe this is a novel thought... how about if we kill all the terrorists? Isn't that a new thought? Any people from the UK will maybe get this picture. When the IRA blew up the Queen's Guard, they took off the kid gloves, and started killing all people who were involved with the atrocity. Didn't matter who they were, How old they were, or who they knew. They were dead! And guess what, the IRA is no longer a viable organization... huh...? If we started to do this, and by the way, we pay a lot of money to train our killers (Seals, Greens, Hallo, Swimmmers etc.), put our guys to work, we may solve this puzzle.

And for good measure, why don't we start the draft again, and maybe we can flood the countries with the "Flower of our Youth," and then get some of our respect back. You know we are going to get hit again. Why don't we start now?