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Chaos always ensues when votes are tampered with and the wrong person is sworn into office. That's what happened in the 2000 and 2004 election in the US when a less-than-smart figure became in charge of the free world through fixed voting, both from hanging chads from paper ballots and corrupted electronic voting machines.

Kenya, like Pakistan, is another nation that is far from repressed as far as mayhem and political unrest goes.

When a leader is sworn in fairly, he or she was voted in as the best interest of their nation by the people they choose to elect. Our Founding Fathers of the US Constitution were well aware of this, as evinced by their defiance to a leader, dictator or king with absolute power. The less votes are rigged, and the more they are counted accurately, the more you have a true democracy above any theocracy or other tyrannically ideological ruling.