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There is no substantial evidence that the Bush Administration is preparing air strikes on Iran in the short term, although it is common sense that this will be the first step in using force to make Iran to comply with its international obligations as signatory of nuclear proliferation treaties. These strikes will target identifiable nuclear facilities only at this stage. A second stage if some events evolve as the result retaliation from Iran might involve “beheading” the Iranian government.

Land invasion may follow up as a second step if the speed of events do not allow the creation of a new government willing to work peacefully with the rest of the work on common matters and on the contrary a more radical group takes power, but this scenario can be present only long after George Bush has left the White House.

My main question is: why is this obsession with GWB all about if he will leave the office in only one year? At the end the United States is a free democratic country where there is succession of power, division of power in branches, and with or without Bush we will be facing the same international dilemmas and acting the same way, or in a different way but not pleasing everyone. We have a legislature controlled by Democrats right now, what have they done? Some are concerned about GWB's approval rating being in the 20s right now, what about the Congress approval rating in the 10s?

Finally if you do not pay taxes you will be jailed and it will be a useless action not correctly appreciated or fully understood by a single Iranian or American.

Good luck!