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Sorry to hear about the problems, but they are nothing new. As a veteran, I ran into this hill in 1981, after my discharge. During that time, there was no GI Bill of any sort. It was then called the VEAP (Veterans Education Assistance Program), which was next to worthless. The program consisted of me giving up $100 dollars a month (E-3 pay at the time $350/mo), for $200/mo in education pay. Among the many problems was that for my records to go from Dallas (I believe) to Phoenix it took an astounding nine months (that's an entire school year with no benefits). I told them then that I could walk that in that amount of time (I got that dull doe-eyed look then, you know, the one of utter incompetence).

Remember, this was before all the whiz-bang computer junk. I would not expect dear old Uncle Sam to be any more efficient today. I personally feel for all the GI's that have to deal with one mud pit after the other.

The situation is crappy and the only way out is to get as far away from it as possible, and to go live your life the best that you can manage, and to understand that the clowns that are "elected" have no other interest than lining their own pockets, no matter what they say. Just look at McCain, he has not represented anyone in Arizona for the last twenty years, and Kolbe split before he was lynched. Just a word to the wise...