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The biggest challenge for ambitious generation Xers and Senator Obama is that Baby Boomers won't take senior status soon enough. People are living longer and playing longer in politics, business and all other leadership arenas. The kids have outgrown the kiddie table and are claiming their rightful place at the big table. Unfortunately, the Boomers are not ready to make more room any time soon.

Despite Senator Clinton's assertions to the contrary, we have the same maturity, experience, and qualifications to lead at 46--Senator Obama's age--as Boomers did at age 46: Governor Bill Clinton's age when elected President.

Boomers are going to keep booming. Take the evidence presented in Katrina vanden Heuvel's November 19 article, "Fighting Poverty in CT." Ms. Vanden Heuvel quotes Professor Cartenson, Director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis: "the trend lines in the state are not encouraging: over the next 25 years, elderly population is expected to increase by 70 percent; K-12 population decrease by 80,000; working-age population decrease by 40,000; college graduates in the workforce decline by 10 percent..."

Boomers will cling to the reins as long as they can. Unless Boomers learn to share, Alzheimer's may be Gen X's best hope!