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It seems a fundamental flaw in Chaudhry's premise that the Baby Boom period is incorrectly defined: using the widely accepted demographic range assigned to the post-WWII baby boom of 1946-1964, Obama is very much a baby boomer himself-- notwithstanding any pretensions to play the Gen X (and MillGen) cards. Other assignations of Gen X-dom to pundits/bloggers etc. born in the 46-64 period reveal a curious Boomer bigotry--with boomers (albeit late arrivals) seeking to "pass" as constituents of the younger group. Ultimately, Obama and any other candidate viewing the electorate sensibly will be paying court to the biggest group out there, that big demographic bulge snaking through its 50s, 60s and soon 70s, all the while remaining every bit as (perhaps more?) viable than ever.