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The author skirts the issue of political Islam as a totalitarian movement akin to fascism and communism--Islamism, whether terroristic or not, holds the goal of creating a Muslim Middle East without a Jewish state and, in the long view, a Muslim world. This is not manufactured by Zionists or American conservatives. It is spelled out on Islamist websites, in mosque sermons and in their published materials. Jews didn't invent the partnership of radical Islamism and old fashioned anti-Semitism and David Horowitz is not the first one to call Islamofascism by name.

So what's your beef? Do you object to free speech for conservatives and hold that the only speakers allowed to speak must be liberals? Sticking your head in the sand is good enough if you choose it, but college students have the right to hear both sides of the issue. David Horowitz and the other speakers during Islamofascism Week are bringing important ideas to the table, and it's about time so-called progressives act like progressives and allow them to be heard.