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I cannot understand why politicians have to discuss history in parliaments. Have they forgotten that history departments of the universities research and discuss such topics and courts decide on such issues? Our Canadian parliamentarians gave in to Armenian pressure and voted to describe events of 1915 as genocide. After all, politicians make decisions to get votes or financing. Now US politicians are deciding on the history. Such strong accusations are decided by the courts, as was the case for Jewish Holocaust.

Following WWI, occupying British forces put Ottoman officials to trial in Malta and nobody was found guilty. Historians still dispute the events of 1915. The Turkish government has opened the Ottoman achieves. whereas Armenians have been confiscating books and journals throughout the world if any contained information on the terrorist activities of Armenians and suffering of other Ottoman citizens in the hand of Armenian bandits between 1880-1915.

Even the media, including the Ottawa Citizen, refer to the events of 1915 as genocide without knowing the real facts. All of this proves that any strong lobbying group can persuade the media and the politicians by providing selected documentation and lobbying tirelessly. Events that took place in Eastern Anatolia during WWI as a result of the Armenian uprising were indeed tragic and many lives were lost from both sides. Picturing these events as genocide and portraying the rebelling Armenians as innocent victims is not fair to the other citizens of the Empire--Turkish, Christian and Jewish--who lost their lives during the tragic events.