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To understand Turkish sensitivities on the issue, one needs to understand the history of Armenian revolts carried out by Armenian nationalist and separatist organizations such as Dashnaktsutyun (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) in the Ottoman Empire and mass killings of Muslims. These organizations are still active and heavily involved in the lobbying efforts to pass the Armenian genocide resolution. Their final goal is the same as in the 1800s: to grab land from the Turks. An interview with a spokesman of Dashnaktsutyun ("Dashnaks Insist On Territorial Claims To Turkey," by Ruzanna Khachatrian) presents their staged efforts, which will be final with a claim of territory from Turkey:

Armenia does not recognize Turkey's territorial integrity and may in the future lay claim to lands that were populated by Armenians before the 1915 genocide, a senior member of the governing Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) claimed on Friday.

"The current government of which we are a part and the president whom we have supported and will support will not abandon territorial claims," Giro Manoyan, a spokesman for the nationalist party's ruling Bureau, said. "Armenia's official position is that the issue is not on our foreign policy agenda. That means it can be on the agenda tomorrow."...

Manoyan revealed last summer that the party, which also has chapters in major Armenian communities abroad, plans a major shift in its long-running campaign for international recognition of the Armenian genocide. He said Dashnaktsutyun will strive to force Turkey to pay reparations.