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Here we go again! Anybody who speaks up in an impartial tone will be booed off the stage. All the letters are full of rage and even hatred against Mr. Hoffman but none of them seems to care to mention the committee's responsibility for 600,000 civilian causalities in Iraq. Why? Because Iraqi lives are not as valuable as Armenian or American lives. This is what really lies beneath fascism.

Comparing the Armenian Issue to the Holocaust is historically erroneous on so many levels. And this whole resolution stuff is a circus! There is no single soul who is really and honestly seeking the truth. If you need Armenian votes in California it is genocide, if you need Turkey on your side in Iraq it's just a tragedy but not genocide. And I love it when my Armenian friends come up to me and brag about the resolution! I say wow, 21-to-27 huh! Now I'm concerned. I’ve gotta get me one of these resolutions…