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Having encountered this article on Yahoo!news, I had to come to the Nation site for the first time to register my disgust. (I wonder if this might have been part of the plan.)

This isn't an issue of advocating the Armenian side of some ongoing dispute about reparations or confiscated territory, it's about recognizing a historical fact that Turkey refuses to admit either to the world or to itself. Are there policy implications of recognizing the truth? Yes. But should the petulance of Turkey be allowed to dictate history? No.

If fascist leaders were elected in Germany, would we stop funding the Holocaust museum right away, or only if they threatened to stop trading with us first? Should we join the Chinese government in recognizing that nothing interesting has happened in Tiananmen Square in the past two decades, just to make sure they don't cause trouble with North Korea?

Truth is truth, and it shouldn't be hidden because it might make people uncomfortable. This is a principle I would expect The Nation, of all publications, to hold dear.