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To my mind, the move to war was a shroud worn by endemic American bigotry and belligerence. This bigotry and belligerence is our real problem, not this one horrendous application of it as a US war in Iraq.

Politicians know that given any set of facts, people will fight you over the truth if it's not what they want to believe, and lay flowers at your feet in exchange for lies if it fits what they already think. In general people look to the media to support the ideas they hold in their heads but this time the media did nothing to delineate the finer points of the errors of Bush's war plans, for whatever reason. Angry, belligerent, Muslim-challenged Americans with no wise leadership trusted their ignorance, their fears, and their President.

We should address endemic bigotry and belligerence in our people and lessen the propensity for war in the future. What we need is the sort of superb nationwide educational system that makes the average American citizen able to read and digest for themselves enough information about the world such that they don't have to rely on weak politicians controlled by special interests, or media abdicating it's responsibilities to discover and spread truth. I was saw Colin Powell as lacking credibility in his UN speech, for various reasons, both technical and logical. Why couldn't others?