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Placing aside the notion that Barbara Ehrenreich doesn't seem to think that nagging wives or "typical husbands" exist, it is surprising to see that even a high priestess of the liberal feminist world can quickly recognize the absolutely vacuous character of Hillary Clinton's campaign for President.

For all we've heard of the "flawlessness" of Hillary's campaign, if figures like Ehrenreich or even Maureen Dowd, the figures the most likely to automatically adhere to Hillary's campaign, complain of its lack of meaning and depth, then Hillary's advisers need to wake up and reprogram their client.

With all the money in the world, big media connections, and a husband who was, for good reason or bad, one of the most popular Presidents ever, Hillary Clinton still can't convince even the most susceptible observers of her campaign that she has any real reason to be running for President beyond her personal ambitions.

Yet she's the "frontrunner." We all need to reflect on this.