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For The Nation to say that Ha'aretz "is the last remaining defender of Israel's tradition of dissent" is not only misleading, it is absolutely, totally wrong.

I enjoy reading Ha'aretz every day, but the truth is that there are many newspapers and television and radio shows in Israel that criticize the government, whether it be left or right. Israel has a very live and active democracy just as we have in America. Ha'aretz is not the only media outlet for political expressions one might consider liberal. Any person visiting Israel can quickly and easily find a multiplicity of Israeli television, radio, newspapers and Internet sites from all different sides of the political spectrum. There is no monopoly of opinions in Israel, and no lone dissenter. What makes Israel special, with all its faults (and like any other nation Israel has its share of faults) is the strength of its democracy and the availability and ability of its citizenry to dissent. One of the many reasons Americans who have visited Israel love Israel so much is the vitality and breadth of its citizenry and the ability of its citizenry to openly disagree with the policies of its government without fear of repression, unlike every other country in the Middle East. I hope Ha'aretz remains forever but it is not the last or only remaining defender of dissent. There is a wonderful democracy in Israel and people disagree all the time, every day, and openly express their opinions.