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Apparently everyone including this magazine honestly believes that Bush and company should be held responsible for the Vietnam-like mess that this nation finds itself in. Actually, this Prez and his lackeys and/or controllers are probably in on "It," but I'm sure that you can imagine as I have that It could be and probably is far more complicated and involved than it appears to be, even taking into account all that has been written and said. The WTC disaster, the so-called war in Iraq, the so-called war in Afghanistan, the US-Pakistani and the US Mid-Eastern relations, the Saudi and bin Laden family associations, and other involvements by US-based factions and Islamic factions are all most probably interrelated so closely that it would behoove any interested person to set his or her "beliefs" aside and try to build a relationship picture.

You might begin by remembering that it is in the best interests of the Saudi family and the families of all those whose lives and futures depend on oil to take stock of their livelihood by measuring the oil left to them underneath their land, thereby giving it a probable lifespan in terms of years. It is also in the interests of the oil companies of this nation to know this and to determine what their future will be thirty, forty or fifty years into the future.

There are questions that I have not heard asked about the events of the past six years that I believe should be--such as:

1. Has there ever been a time in human history when a very rich and powerful individual created a war or initiated an attack on any nation because of religion or sympathy for the poor? This cannot be, if you know that all wars, throughout human history have had an economic basis and that wars do not happen, cannot happen--because we are economic animals first and foremost--without an economic basis.

2. How easily led are the American people given their educational status and their level of comfort already achieved--and perhaps under threat if their major sources of energy are threatened?

3. How desperate could the House of Saud become if their wealth and power are threatened with extinction? Who would they turn to for economic answers and an economic/political plan for their perpetuation?

You may try to get an accurate description of the geological measure of the Saudi, Syrian, Iranian region in general, in the early seventies or late sixties. I do not know where this info might be obtained but it is certain that it could be extremely relevant to the possibility that the events of the past six years are related to oil and the threat of scarcity. I read sometime in the mid-1970s an article in Scientific American regarding the oil deposits that are left around the world and I believe that Saudi Arabia was mentioned also.

4. What were the minutes of the Cheney meeting with the oil companies, and how is it that no other major meetings have taken place since? Remember how Cheney refused to disclose those minutes because of "executive privilege"?

5. Is it possible that the Kuwaitis were stealing Iraqi oil via angle drilling and that this could have been the major cause of the first Gulf War?

6. How does the approved pipeline across the southern portion of Afghanistan and south Pakistan play into the picture?

7. Why is it that the drug trade is allowed to go on, when it would only take one C130 planeload of Agent Orange herbicide to destroy the entire crop? Tons of it were dumped on Vietnam with very effective results--not to mention the effect on the GIs who were dumped on and then ignored. IOW, the military dropped Agent Orange on Vietnam and their own people, but won't use it to destroy the heroin trade? Could this mean that they either forgot they had the stuff or perhaps they don't want to use it, for very political and psychological reasons?