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I’m sitting here thinking, “She can’t die now. We need her now, more than ever.” And I realize that there never will be a time when we won’t need Molly. There never will be a time when our world isn’t dominated by the cruel, the selfish, the self-serving, the moneyed class.

But it gets no easier to have her gone. Molly Ivins was a lifeline for me in a very dark time. After 9/11, after the Patriot Act, after the Iraq vote in 2002, it was a lonely and difficult moment. I was afraid to speak out, not numb, but intimidated by their cruelty and their audacity. It was Molly who gave me the courage to speak out, to write letters, to participate.

I had the pleasure a couple of years ago of hearing Molly in person when she came to Albany for Planned Parenthood. Just like her columns, she was magnificent – bold, tough, funny, ribald, and decent. I will miss that voice. We will miss that voice.

Farewell, Molly.