The Breakdown: Why Did the GOP Block the Paycheck Fairness Act? | The Nation

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The Nation and conservatives

I am writing in response to Chis Hayes's podcast "Why Did the GOP Block the Paycheck Fairness Act?" I am 23 years old and living in Salt Lake City, Utah and going through a time in my life that has been fraught with political and social unrest. The Nation has been one of the biggest factors in influencing my currently right-leaning preferences.

Maybe not what you expected to read, but I have felt that The Nation consistently misrepresents and undervalues the the very reasonable arguments that do exist in opposition to ideas like paycheck fairness. Arguments that I do not wish to get into because I am confident that it couldn't possibly reach all the way to the top of that awfully high horse that The Nation seems to have monopoly of. I only wanted to voice my concern because I do value alternative news sources and I am having a harder and harder time separating The Nation's quality of analysis from a slightly furrier news source.

Freedom isn't just an economic policy.