The Breakdown: Why Did the GOP Block the Paycheck Fairness Act? | The Nation

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Very disappointed

I listened to the Paycheck Fairness episode and I was thoroughly disgusted. It would have been a simple matter to contact the US Chamber of Commerce or better yet, just Google their position paper to determine their reason for resisting the legislation. But instead, you brought on a representative of workers' rights and provided only one side of the story and then referred to the "mean old Republicans" as being against workers' rights.

This country overtaxes their businesses as it is, and when individuals don't feel like they've looted enough from the business community, they put in well-meaning legislation that is intended to give workers more bargaining power but has the perverse affect of driving jobs overseas and leaving them without jobs.

Too often, these laws saddle employers with unreasonable and unrealistic documentation requirements that make each employee cost more to the business that employs them.

But you would know all this if you took only two minutes to read the letter.